NEW TEASER (Braveness of the Ming) -Park Min Young- Upcoming Chinese Drama- 锦衣夜行 / Jin Yi Ye Xing

NEW, TEASER, (Braveness, of, the, Ming), -Park, Min, Young-, , Upcoming, , , Chinese, Drama-, 锦衣夜行, /, Jin, Yi, Ye, Xing,
01 December 2016
Drami Fan
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Synopsis An ordinary man, who after witnessing Jinyiwei's brutality, decided to stand up for the common folks. His path led him to his future wife and his sworn brother, as well as, a prince and his wife. His capability attracted the attention of Jinyiwei top brass. They recruited him into the agency and trained him to become an elite Jinyiwei. In the mean t
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